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How to enhance your supply chain

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We Enhance Your Supplychain SM

Take the stress out of sourcing production parts used in your assembly operations. Leverage our economies of scale and manufacturing expertise. We offer local sourcing at globally competitive costs that is supported by a strong engineering team and stellar customer service. Work with our engineers to realize your operational objectives quickly. Contact your sales representative today for a meeting. 

Cost Reduction Through Cost Avoidance

There are a number of ways to adopt a cost avoidance mentality to reduce long-term production cost when sourcing components, including:

Component re-engineering: Investing time in the product’s infancy stage could mean long-term payoffs, especially in an upward trending market. Bring internal design engineers and your component supply partner into the conversation early, and encourage exploration of alternative design concepts. If your supplier has an in-house sales engineer, utilize this service. Their third-party perspective could catalyze a new design concept, resulting in reduced material costs, production costs and shipping costs by as much as 40%.

Alternative production processes: Consider alternative component manufacturing options, weighing the upfront set-up costs against long-term reduction in cost per unit. Depending on the length of the product life-cycle and production volume, a high-volume solution might be well worth the investment.

Sourcing can move beyond cost-per-part negotiation to a mentality of continually eliminating waste and reducing total cost of ownership. By proactively avoiding expense along the supply chain, you can increase profit margins while creating sustainable supplier partnerships and improving your competitiveness.

We Enhance Your Supplychain SM