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Industries Served

A Commitment to Innovation

Eisen manufactures industrial parts and equipment. For over 30 years, we have had successful growth through our commitment to innovation and expansion of our capability infrastructure.

We work closely with energy, industry, transportation, military, and healthcare customers to offer solutions across multiple market segments. Contact our sales team with your project needs and take the first step towards a long-term business relationship.

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Eisen Components

Manufactures and supplies metal components and assemblies, machined, formed, and stamped.

Eisen Fabrication

Manufactures racks and material handling equipment

Eisen Electric

Manufactures wiring assemblies, disconnects, terminal blocks, battery terminals, power distribution boxes, power actuated valves, control gear

Eisen Technologies

Designs and manufactures electronic devices with LED displays, real-time embedded software, power, chassis, and plastic housings