Metal fabrication is the creation of metal structures by cutting, bending and assembling processes. It is a value-added process involving the creation of machines, parts, and structures from various raw materials. Eisen fabricates machine parts, racks, car parts, and commercial furniture.

Steel Rack

Most heavy duty racks are made entirely of steel. These type of racks are ideal for heavy parts like door panels, center consoles, liftgates, and bumpers. At Eisen, we have developed internal standards that ensure excellent performance and highest part density for these applications. Not only that, we test racks to make sure parts are held securely in transit. HDPE, foam and rubber is extensively used to protect contact points. Particular attention is given to mechanisms to ensure they are user friendly and safe. Common dunnage on these types of racks includes foam, rubber, formed and machined plastic. For racks used in automation and robotic work cells, fixtures are made to tight tolerances in-house and raw materials are cut to very tight tolerances. For work-in-process, cantilever racks are a common choice.

Steel racks are ideal for

  • Large or heavy parts
  • In-house material handling
  • Storing work-in-process parts
  • Freight reduction using collapsible containers
  • Long lasting re-usable fleets

Bag Racks

These racks are made of a steel frame fitted with a sewn bag assembly. Bags are made of high performance vinyl material. For class A surfaces, Tvyek and headliner fabric is used. For parts with sharp edges, HDPE is used. Foam padding is often used to secure parts in a certain orientation. Eisen manufactures grid, nested, and honey comb bags to achieve highest density of parts per rack. Collapsible racks are available for clients that have fleets traveling long distances. This reduces cost drastically on return trips. Contact your sales representative to review your packaging needs.

Common Applications

  • Finished Door
  • ABCD Pillars
  • Center Console
  • Head Light
  • IP Substrate
  • Various Trim Parts


The totes are supplied as a pass through with interiors lined with dunnage specific to the parts that need to be transported. Contact your sales representative for your requirement of dunnage lined totes.