Whether you’re just embarking on your career path or starting a whole new chapter, our belief stays the same: don’t just work somewhere, work where you are happy.

The thing I have enjoyed most about my internship was the applicability of the project I worked on.
Everything I did had a purpose behind it and the results of my work could be seen immediately.

The internship program at Eisen is designed to integrate knowledge learned in the classroom with on-the-job experience in the student’s desired career field. We do this by exposing you to real live projects that have a direct impact on our innovation. For this reason, your success is our success.

Our programs are all hands-on, where you will roll-up your sleeves and do something meaningful each day. You will be excited to come to work every morning, and likely be dreaming of ideas when you go home. Your school will give you the basics. At Eisen you will learn how to work and be successful in a fast paced innovative atmosphere.

Interns giving their views about their experience at EISEN.

“[What I enjoyed most about my internship was] Befriend and work with people from different places.”

“The environment is very nice and the people are so kind. I really like working with them.”

“The experience and knowledge I have gained, the work-life balance environment. I really enjoyed the team work aspect of the internship where each of us were one part of the project and liked how all the pieces of the project came together in the end and of course my lunch break time with my team members.”

Eisen is interested in talented individuals. If you think you have skills that would be useful to our organization, please fill out an application and email it with a cover letter and resume to human resources.

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