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Message from our CEO

Photo: Lokesh Kumar, Group CEO, Copyright

We are working to achieve vision 2020. This calls for us to create a robust operating platform capable of delivering consistent growth under any conditions. We set a growth target of 25% per year as one of our key goals for 2020, and remain focused on the strategies we have in place to realize vision 2020.

Eisen currently faces some major structural changes: Low cost country competition, an e-commerce expansion, and more offshore assembly. When these types of changes occur, major established players stand to lose the most. Rather than shying away from change, we are determined to become a game changer. Our focus is on creating lasting initiatives that will impact change 10 and 20 years into the future.

The challenges we face are similar to those faced by our customer base of leading edge industrial manufacturers. For instance, to address low cost country competition, we have standardized many products to allow us to manufacture locally with shorter lead times and lower cost. We are introducing e-commerce platform to make it easier for more customers to place automated and repeat orders with little effort. More inventory is being exposed to more customers helping it turn faster.  This platform will also have greater visibility for customers to track and modify their orders while in process. We are also conducting research on new projects and products aimed at reducing cost of assembly locally.

Innovation for our company will play a critical role in swiftly creating quality products and services for our clients. We have established a dedicated innovation office to guide our efforts and are teaming up with start-ups to achieve these goals. We are also conducting ongoing research into the latest technologies for defense and oil applications. I am personally committed to pursuing these initiatives to help us further leverage digital innovation in our business.