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Global logistics is the process of managing the flow of goods through the supply chain, from the place where they are made to where they are consumed.

Expanding into Global Sourcing?

As a global logistics solution provider, Eisen offers comprehensive freight and procurement management for manufacturers and distributors operating with international suppliers and customers.

Air Express, Air Freight, LCL, Ocean Freight?

You may be exploring new supply chain options. Or you may be a mature operator in the global marketplace. You can definitely work with Eisen to bring value to your operation. The results will be quick and dramatic. Our team will work with you to reduce your freight cost for each move. We will give you door to door peace of mind service. How do we do it? We simply work harder, understand the importance of your success, and hold ourselves accountable.

Need us to handle global sourcing of your products?

No problem. Our Procurement Logistics team will work with you to source your parts from international manufacturers and provide localized warehousing. Start spreading your risks today.

International Tax Compliance

Our team will help you insure timely freight and tax compliance required by exporting and importing countries. In global trade, documentation such as ISF filing, VAT, GST, Import/Export Codes, HTS, Pallet types, Markings, Declarations, BOL copies, Bonds, etc. are critical to each move. Miss something, and freight could be held up in customs. We will help you navigate customs seamlessly, and pickup your shipments from ports and bonded warehouses promptly. Our focus will be to avoid any loss of time and demurrage fees. All the time, tracking each move, and logging every action on the freight till it is delivered to the consignee.

Staging global freight.

At Eisen, we work hard to Enhance Your Supply Chain SM every day. Contact our sales representative to schedule a meeting now.