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Compression Limiters, Inserts, Bushings

Compression limiter is an insert or bushing used in plastic, rubber, aluminum, and wood holes to prevent material from cracking when tightened with a bolt.

These limiters are generally made of brass, steel, and aluminum. Low volume parts are made on CNC machines while high volume parts can sometimes be cold-formed. Eisen manufactures an extensive range in production quantities of millions per month. Contact our sales or application engineer to discuss your requirement today.

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Compression Limiters
Threaded studs for insert molding

Threaded inserts for plastic are made with steel, aluminum, and brass. Generally assembled by insert-molding, ultrasonic, and press fit. Available for glass filled thermoplastic and thermoset materials.

Key Advantages Low Cost, High Tensile Strength, Mass Produced.

Threaded brass inserts

Brass inserts are made on CNC machines. Eisen manufactures an extensive range of threaded inserts. Discuss your requirement with Eisen sales representative.