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Steel Rack These racks are made entirely of steel and designed to hold heavy parts such as door panels, center consoles, liftgates, bumpers, and more. Each rack is designed part specific to get highest part density while holding parts securely in transit. HDPE and Foam is extensively used to protect contact points. Particular attention is given to mechanisms to ensure they are user friendly and safe. Common dunnage on these
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Automotive Packaging Line

Boxes, Racks, Totes & Bags Re-usable Packaging The re-usable packaging product line includes shipping racks, dunnage, plastic containers, and WIP containers used in robotic machining and assembly work cells. Average fleet size per project is 50-3000 units. Eisen has in-house steel fabrication and dunnage manufacturing capability. Our primary steel rack product offerings are for robotic work cells, instrument panels, and doors. Dunnage products include bags for trim fascia type Class