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Automotive Fasteners

Eisen designs, manufactures and supplies engineered fasteners for complete vehicle programs. Core expertise includes: Cold formed parts, screws, bolts, machined parts for interior, body, and underhood applications. Automotive value adds: Eisen has extensive experience with automotive OEM parts, including GM. Fasteners, machined parts, and stampings are all manufactured. Very strong fastener engineering design group Large variety of fastening and machined products Rapid prototypingReliable delivery for the life of vehicle programs.
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Screws for plastic

Screws designed for use in plastic generally have a sharp 30 degree flank angle that makes its own threads while slicing through plastic without inducing stress. Large selection of High Low, PT and Delta PT compatible thread forming screws for use in ABS, PA66, phenolics, glass filled fire retardant UL94 plastics, with design guide, and more. TPlast30 Round Shank Thread Forming Screws Coarse, sharply angled threads with round shank are
Terminal Screws
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Terminal Screw

TERMILOCK™ - Terminal ScrewA terminal screw is a type of electrical connector where a wire is held by the tightening of a screw. Eisen is the gold standard for terminal screws used in electrical contactors, terminal blocks, relays, and timers. In today's more sophisticated world of electrical distribution and controls, consistently reliable electrical contacts are essential to product performance and safety. Our design, manufacturing and assembly capabilities provide virtually any type
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Pins and Shafts

Pins for Safety buckles, latches, hinges, door checks, control arms, dampers, and other critical applications made of Steel and Stainless Steel. Cold formed, machined, or hybrid with coatings to eliminate squeak.
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Whatever the type, we manufacture millions of bushings every year. Material Types: Steel, Brass, Aluminum, Alloy, Stainless A2/A4 18-8/316. Bushing Types: Machined, Cold Formed, Forged, Cold Drawn, Hybrid (more…)
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Pressure Equipment Studs and Nuts

Certifications ISO9001:2015 Scope Design & manufacture of hardwarePED Pressure Equipment Directive Annex 1, Paragraph 4.3 of 2014/68/EU or 97/23/EC 7/2Scope of PED compliance "Manufacture and distribution of threaded products that include carbon steels, special alloys and coatings, studs, bolts, nuts and flat washers" Key Stud ProductsB7 Studs ANSI ASTM 193-B7 Class 1 Steel with specialty coatingsB7M Studs ANSI ASTM 193-B7M Class 1 Steel post machined with specialty coatingsB8 Studs ANSI ASTM 193-B8
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GM Threaded Parts List

Eisen manufactures and supplies many GM and Ford production parts. Here are some common threaded fasteners available from us.Speak with your sales engineer today about your production requirement.Use the Shop button to order prototypes online. (more…)
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Engineered Fasteners

Cold Formed Fasteners Eisen manufactures and distributes an extensive array of production fasteners. Some products are unique to an application or industry while many others are general purpose standard fasteners used across various industries. Make Eisen your preferred source for production hardware enjoy a competitive edge in quality, stock management, and assured supply. Check industry pages for certifications or contact your sales representative. Automotive Bolts Terminal Screws GM Fasteners B7
Machined Parts
Machined Parts

Machined Parts

Surpassing conventional cutting process, our hybrid technology yields high quality and high precision parts for mass production. Made on machines with live tools, these parts have tolerances to within 10 microns. (more…)