Product Lines


Our products are used daily in critical applications by OEMs in automotive, appliance, medical, and oil refining industries. Customers are offered seem-less supplies to their manufacturing plants at a global level. Since the early 1990s, Eisen has evolved into a global supplier of high-volume engineered components. Our products are supported by a world class engineering group providing product development services to our customers. The complete range of component products and
Packaging Product Lines

Automotive Packaging Line

Boxes, Racks, Totes & Bags Re-usable Packaging The re-usable packaging product line includes shipping racks, dunnage, plastic containers, and WIP containers used in robotic machining and assembly work cells. Average fleet size per project is 50-3000 units. Eisen has in-house steel fabrication and dunnage manufacturing capability. Our primary steel rack product offerings are for robotic work cells, instrument panels, and doors. Dunnage products include bags for trim fascia type Class
Control Panels
Controls and Wiring Devices Product Lines

Controls & Wiring Devices

Customer Specific Panel Solutions Expand your engineering capability with flexible solutions The CPFC specializes in designing standardized panels that meet a wide variety of applications. Our engineering staff takes time to understand your market needs and develop panels that are less expensive and increase application flexibility. This gives you a competitive edge. In many instances, the finished product provides a new marketing opportunity because it makes your system better. The